Over $2Billion in transactions closed since 2015.

National Standard Abstract (NSA), established in March 2015 by Osei Rubie, is a dynamic team of title-insurance experts. Our extensive knowledge and intricate real estate experience have helped clients navigate transactions for mixed-use, office, market-rate and affordable housing, faith-based development, amusement parks, and hospitals.

Commitment to Diversity

Being Black in America has become increasingly challenging as the gaps in education, opportunity, wage equality, and generational wealth continue to widen. The perpetual misrepresentation of the African Diaspora and miseducation of young black minds have stripped generations of their cultural identity and sense of purpose.

The Osei Rubie Charitable Fund is the brainchild of its namesake, Osei Rubie, a lifelong advocate for “empowering people of African descent through philanthropy” to end the racial inequity. During his formative years, Rubie experienced a series of life-changing events that would become the foundation for the Fund. He lived on the continent of Africa, later discovered the untold stories of black pioneers and innovators, and began building his own legacy of success as a complement to his lineage of entrepreneurs.

DCRE Conference

Diversity in Commercial Real Estate (DCRE) Conference is the LARGEST conference in the nation that specifically focuses on advancing professionals of color in the commercial real estate industry.

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