Emily Hardin

Director, Credit and Underwriting
Black Economic Development Fund & LISC Fund Management

Emily Hardin is the Director of Credit and Underwriting for the Black Economic Development Fund (BEDF) and LISC Fund Management, LLC (LFM). The BEDF is an impact investment fund focused on investments in Black-led financial institutions, Black-led businesses, and Black-led anchor institutions with the goal of growing these organizations and strengthening their contributions to the Black community. The funds deployment strategy is industry agnostic and will deploy capital across a diverse set of borrowers and geographies in the US.

LFM is a mission-driven real estate and private equity fund manager that deploys impact capital into real estate investments and businesses in underinvested communities across the country. Emily and her team pursue a range of high-impact investments that create jobs, fuel small businesses, revitalize commercial areas, improve housing, expand local incomes and make communities safer and stronger. Emily received a BA in economics from Cornell University.

Sessions Featuring Emily

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