Michael Martin

J.D./MBA Candidate
Columbia Law School, Columbia Business School

Michael is a young leader whose career and passion lies at the very intersection of law, business, and real estate. Michael is a current J.D./MBA student at Columbia Law and Business Schools respectively, with an emphasis on leadership and entrepreneurship. Michael seeks to utilize her experiences and positions within these industries to accomplish more inclusive and equitable outcomes for underserved communities. She is particularly focused on the following: increasing access to legal processes and addressing housing disparities. Michael has years of both prior legal and business experience working in her family enterprise, Martin & Martin, LLP. Martin & Martin is one of the largest African American and female-owned law firms in Los Angeles, California.

During her tenure at Martin & Martin, Michael led teams that designed and executed operations management-based projects that centered on the future of work and law. This work within the firm focused on remote platforms and the requisite cultures that are needed for remote businesses to thrive, along with projects that brought business models to bear to increase the access of individuals to legal services. She is a summa cum laude graduate from Drexel University, where she received her B.S. in Business Administration. Michael frequently volunteers for a non-profit that focuses on children and adults with autism in underserved communities.

Sessions Featuring Michael

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