Glass Ceilings to Skylines: Women in Commercial Real Estate

Join us in this illuminating panel discussion, “Glass Ceilings to Skylines: Women Pioneers in Commercial Real Estate” to explore and celebrate the significant contributions and perspectives of women in the commercial real estate sector. As the industry evolves, women are no longer outliers but increasingly integral powerhouses in shaping investment strategies, designing sustainable buildings, and transforming urban landscapes. This panel provides a platform to understand the unique challenges and opportunities these leaders face and their pivotal role in driving forward-thinking, inclusive, and profitable property management. By sharing their insights, strategies, and innovative visions, we aim to inspire a more diverse future in the world of commercial real estate.


Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Agency
PGIM Real Estate
J.D./MBA Candidate
Columbia Law School, Columbia Business School
Director of Commercial Mortgage Loan Servicing
Founder and President
9th & Clinton


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